Bandilac Personalized Gifts

Bandilac is a young and innovative company specializing in consumer goods that are personal, customized and made in the USA. Bandilac is a subsidiary of HNA International, founded in 2009 by Hamid Moradi and built on the foundation of his longtime experience in artisan craftsmanship. Bandilac is focused on creating new designs and incorporating popular current trends. Modern laser engraving technology is coupled with artisan skills and craftsmanship to develop unique, personal gifts and keepsake products.

Their goal is to make personalized gifting quick and easy. Our products allow people to express their emotions through personal and custom designs, created by hand and engraved by laser. Available products include Cell Phone/Notebook cases, Candles, Hats & Apparel and Vases.  Bandilac also offers Custom and Private Label products.