Cleerely Stated – Personal & Purposeful Products

Cleere Cherry, founder of Cleerely Stated, hopes to help others recalibrate, refocus, and remember who they are in Jesus. Cleerely Stated offers your customers fun and inspiring stationery including greeting cards, calendars, framed wall prints, daily devotionals, kitchen towels, Word Crush inspirational quotes and Christmas products. Their line of products for babies called Adorable You includes wall prints and cards with acrylic holders.  Be encouraged with products that sit beautifully in your home.

Treasures From Greece – Delicious Mediterranean Food

Treasures From Greece offers the best products the Greek land has to offer. Deemax Foods, a new-founded exporting company based in Athens-Greece, is here to provide your customers with a variety of exceptional, unique and rare goods. Awarded and extra premium products are here to spread the word: that the quality of the Greek traditional way of making food can be perfectly combined with the technical knowledge of the producers and the superior conception of the packaging designers.

Our mission is to introduce you and make you embrace the Mediterranean way of eating through Greece’s traditional but also contemporary way of food processing and superior aesthetic values.

Their vision is not only to make you eat like the Mediterranean people but also make you embrace the healthy, gleeful way of living and enjoy every aspect of it!

Sincere Surroundings – Personalized Home Decor and Gifts

Sincere Surroundings offers home décor and gifts that can be personalized with different colors, sizes, names, dates, locations, anniversaries and more. If your customers are constantly on the look-out for that one piece they just have to have, it can be found here – inside Sincere Surroundings.

Drew DeRose – Fashion forward, trendy frames and home decor

At Drew DeRose Designs, we specialize in home decor and accent merchandise. Our focus is on designing functional merchandise that is fun, bright and sometimes quirky. We design a large variety of quality products that appeal to a multitude of lifestyles. Wholesale home decor at its finest.

Our team strives for quality while remaining price sensitive. Our product assortment changes quickly to the trends of our industry and to meet your customers demands.

Huggy Box – A Meaningful Sentiment

A Huggybox transcends the endless sea of greeting cards. How can you rely on a cute little cartoon rabbit illustration to communicate your feelings? A Huggybox communicates in the most simple and powerful of languages, human touch. A hug is powerful and not something that can be put inside a greeting card.

If you want to ensure that your loved one knows that you care, enough with the inspirational quotes, haikus, and cartoons. Send them a hug.

Greeting card may come and go with the memory and warmth of a hug is lasting and genuine.

Green Rhino/Miko Gift USA – Sentimental Gifts

Miko USA is recognized as on of the world’s leading manufacturers of sentimental gifts. Whether it is for Mom, Sister, A Loved One, Your Aunt, Your Guardian Angel or whomever, there tasteful gifts send beautiful messages to beautiful people. Economically priced with great retail appeal they are just the thing for special occassions or just to say I’m thinking of you.

Green Rhino is your source for creative, innovative products, including charms, key chains, Wine Finders, badge-ID holders, Gem of a Baby, Pocket Peepers, valet key chains, purse hangers, emergency reading glasses, eyeglass necklaces, auto ornaments, lamp pulls, Beer Finders, key bracelets, and much more.  They are the leader in sentiment gifts. We are a customer-driven company that values outstanding customer service above everything else. Our commitment is always, “your absolute satisfaction”.


Soy Essentials It Makes Sense

  Soy Essentials is a Northern California based company that offers an array of richly scented candles to enhance your overall wellness.  SOi Candles are hand-poured in the USA using 100% All Natural Food Grade Kosher Soy Oil, that burns cleaner and up to 40% longer than paraffin based, wax or soy blend candles. Our candles are made with 100% cotton lead free wicks, are soot-free and do not emit harmful toxins (such as Benzene) into your home or the environment

Choose from our wide variety of scented soy candles for aromatherapy, mood elevation, relaxation, or to enhance any space you choose. Enjoy for your personal use or as a special gift, we invite you to pursue our website to discover the great benefits of SOi.


Amma Jo Dreams Do Come True

 AMMA JO Collections include CrossBody Bags, Wallets, Shoulder Bags, Clutches and Duffles with unique designs.  The designs will add a vibrant pop of color to your customers’ collection!

The AMMA JO brand is all about dreams come true and bringing color to life! After a 15 year corporate career, Amma Jo launched her dream with just one handbag and $100! If you are ever in Pennsylvania, come and visit her showroom downtown Harrisburg, PA.  Amma Jo works to educate and empower other women and build a collection of brands that we nurture and we look forward to introducing those collections to you over the years!


My Fun Colors

My Fun Colors offers a beautiful selection of bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings. Our fashion-forward selection of colors includes crystals, stones, and fashion pearls. Customers can mix and match their favorite colors to match any situation-casual, formal, even team spirit. Recently voted as one of the top selling retail items in the United States, My Fun Colors delivers consistently high margins and provides turn-key sales tools to ensure rapid sales.