OmegaNet Inc., creator of GiftsWholesale.Com, provides two types of services to Vendors, Manufacturers and Importers: Website Design and Software and Website Promotion and Advertising Services .

Website Design and Software

  • Are you manufacturer, importer, or manufacturer representative without a website?
  • Do you have a website but without wholesale ordering capabilities?
  • Does your website have ordering but isn’t password protected to limit access to appropriate buyers?
  • Do you have a password protected, wholesale ordering site, but it’s difficult for you to keep updated?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then let OmegaNet Inc. build a site for you with their exclusive Cameo EZ © system.

Visit CameoEZ.Com for complete information.

Website Promotion and Advertising Services

OmegaNet offers a variety of effective promotion and advertising services for your wholesale website. These services are available to any vendor, whether OmegaNet built the site or not.

Increase Your Web Site Traffic and Double Your Sales!

OmegaNet offers a wide variety of Internet marketing services that can help drive more retailer traffic to your wholesale web site. Every year our goal is to help our clients double there online sales from the previous year. It will only require more store traffic. I know we can help! All of the clients that we did a “test market” on did increase their traffic and registrations. One of our clients doubled the monthly web orders the 3rd month that they were doing the Value Promotional package. Another Value Package client with Extreme Tracking was able to determine that 46% of web site referrals came from links in OmegaNet’s portals GiftsWholesale.Com and DecorWholesale.Com .

Email Blasts
Most clients are saying that print advertising continues to be more expensive and less productive. One Industry marketing consultant recommends that at least 10% of a company’s advertising budget should be spent on advertising their web site, especially doing Internet Marketing. OmegaNet has an email database of more than 100,000 stores’ emails to which we can send custom Advertising Email Blasts. We can sort by state, date and/or type of shop. This is an easy and inexpensive way to drive traffic and sales to your web site and to your company in general.

Services and Pricing

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