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August, 2006

GiftsWholesale.Com: Gateway to Wholesalers

Did you know that your GiftsWholesale.Com registration can work at scores of other Gift and Home Decor websites? If you got this email it means you have registered at GiftsWholesale.Com, and for your convenience, you can copy your registration info to many other sites that are part of the CAMEO EZę system. To see a list of websites, Click Here. Look for websites with the CAMEO EZ Blue Ribbon.

When you go to any of the websites, simply enter your login and password to login and you will get a button asking if you want to copy your registration. Click to copy it and you can enter the site and place orders. It's that simple!

If you've forgotten your login and password, Click Here. If you need to update your registration and contact information Click Here

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Major Trade Shows

5-8, San Francisco, CA
11-15, Minnetonka, MN (Minneapolis)
13-18, New York, NY
26-29, Denver, CO

6-12, New York, NY
9-11, Gatlinburg, TN
9-12, Atlanta, GA
9-12, Boston, MA
10-12, Billerica, MA
10-12, Vancouver, B.C.
10-13, Las Vegas, NV
14-16, Chicago
14-17, Dallas, TX
16-19, Los Angeles, CA
17-19, Columbus, OH

For a full list of 2006 Shows, go to GiftsWholesale.Com

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In this issue:
  • GiftsWholesale.Com: Gateway to Wholesalers
  • "Spoofing", "Phishing", "Spam", and "Scams"
  • New Links In GiftsWholesale.Com
  • Major Trade Shows

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"Spoofing", "Phishing", "Spam", and "Scams":
Surviving in the email-dependent business world

Email is easy and allows people to send pictures, documents, links to websites and even video around the world with a click of a button. However, it is also just as easy and convenient for people who are selling something, as well as people looking to victimize others. There are several facts you should be aware of and several steps you should take to protect yourself.

The most basic step is to have a good spam blocker on your computer(s), as well as good virus protection. Local firewalls also provide another level of protection against direct attacks. These are the first line of defense. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may provide spam and virus blocking as well.      -- Article continued below --

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However few systems prevent all unwanted email from getting through. Identity theft is the threat behind "Spoofing" and "Phishing". These emails are sent to trick you into giving your personal information, which can then be used to obtain credit in your name or empty your bank account. Often it will appear the email comes from a trusted source that you deal with regularly, such as your bank or credit card provider. The email will usually say there is a problem with your account and ask you to click a link to update your account information. You will then be asked to enter information such as account number, social security number, etc. The graphics will look official and can easily fool anyone not paying close attention to the actual address the link takes them to, hence the name "Spoofing".

You can check to see the real source of an email by right-clicking on the email in your email list and selecing "Options" from the menu (this is the method in Microsoft Outlook. Other mail clients may have different terminology). You will then see the detailed header information that is ordinarily hidden. Find the real return path, which may be different from the return address shown in your list of emails.      -- Article continued below --

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The best way to avoid being a victim of Phishing or Spoofing is to not click on the link in the email, but to go to the home page of the trusted company and login to your account. That way you know you are where you are supposed to be and you can check to see if there really is a problem with your account.

If you are ever victimized, you can file a complaint with the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center at

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New links in GiftsWholesale.Com

Among the most recent websites featured in GiftsWholesale.Com are:

Go to to find links to all these and other manufacturers and rep agencies.

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