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October, 2006

Trade Shows

3-6, Memphis, TN
3-8, Pigeon Forge, TN
4-5, Columbus, OH
6-7. Dallas, TX
7-9, 12-14, 16-19, New York
9-10, Los Angeles, CA
10-11, Denver, CO
12-14, Gatlinburg, TN
12-15, Ocean City, MD
18-21, New Orleans, LA

3-6, Myrtle Beach, SC
4-5, Dallas, TX

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In this issue:
  • Are You a Business Owner?
    Wait! Don't Answer Yet!
  • Gift Cards Climb to the Top of the List
  • Featured Links In GiftsWholesale.Com
  • Major Trade Shows

Featured Vendors

Unison Gifts, Inc.: Unison Gifts offers original designs in art glass, including hand-blown and hand sculpted glass figurines, as well as home accents in porcelain, cast resin, and metal.

IMA Brass: International Mercantile Agencies, Inc., also known as IMA Brass, has become one of the Country's largest sources for Unique and Eclectic Home Gift, Special Events & Wedding Accessories.

Gift Cards Climb to the Top of the List
Source: Yahoo Finance/Comdata Corporation

Once upon a time, gift cards were a last resort for people who didn't know what to buy. According to a survey conducted by Stored Value Systems, a national leader in electronic gift card programs, that is no longer the case. The results of a national web survey of adults conducted at the end of February revealed that eight in 10 said they would rather receive a gift card to their favorite retailer than any other kind of gift.

"We've been doing surveys and watching gift cards grow in popularity for years," said Bob Skiba, SVS executive vice president and general manager. "Cards are so appreciated that many people specifically ask for gift cards to their favorite store or restaurant." Survey highlights include:

  • 76 percent of adults purchased gift cards in the 2005 holiday season.
  • Eight in 10 people would rather get a gift card to a favorite retailer than any other kind of gift.
  • More than one-half of respondents say that they always or often add their own money when making a purchase with a gift card.
  • Of those purchasing holiday gift cards, two-thirds bought them in early December.
  • 68 percent of adults prefer or bought gift cards with an appropriate holiday design.
  • Eight respondents in ten say that they spend more (33%) or the same amount (47%) on a gift card than they would on an alternate gift.

Are You a Business Owner?
Wait! Don't Answer Yet!

There is a new book on the best seller lists called "Why We Want You To Be Rich" by Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki. Everybody knows who Donald Trump is ("You're fired!") and a lot of people know that Robert Kiyosaki is the author of the best-selling "Rich Dad/Poor Dad" series of books.

In his third book, "Rich Dad's Guide to Investing", Kiyosaki presents his "Cash-Flow" quadrant, which consists of four squares containing E for "Employee", S for "Self-employed", B for "Business Owner" and I for "Investor".

Kiyosaki's books are popular because they frequently turn the conventional wisdom on its head and force the reader to rethink his/her assumptions, so when he asked, "Are you a Business Owner or are you Self Employed?", I was surprised to learn that I didn't qualify as a Business Owner.

If you receive this newsletter, you probably own a business, probably a retail business of some kind. How would you answer the question "Are you a Business Owner or are you Self Employed?"

After learning Kiyosaki's definition of Business Owner, I realized I was really Self Employed. The difference is found in the answer to the following question: "If you left town and your business for one month, would your business grow or shrink?" The point is that a true Business Owner has created a machine that continues to operate, even if he is absent. If your business can't operate without you being present every hour the doors are open, then, according to Robert Kiyosaki, you are Self Employed, not a true Business Owner.

Reaching the point where your business can survive without you is the secret to having your business make your life better, rather than killing you! (Can you say "burnout"?) Of course it takes time and developing systems that can be taught to employees; personnel who are trustworthy and experienced. The freedom and security that will result will be well worth the effort, even if you don't leave town for a month at a time.