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September, 2006

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Trade Shows

16-19, Los Angeles, CA
17-19, Columbus, OH

2-3, Dallas, TX
6-9, New York, NY
6-7, Orlando, FL
7-9, San Francisco, CA
8-10, Galveston Island, TX
8-10, Minnetonka, MN
15-17, Columbus, OH
15-18, Panama City, FL
16-18, Los Angeles, CA
19-25 High Point, NC
26-30, Rosemont, IL
28-Nov. 2, New York, NY
31-Nov. 2, Atlanta, GA

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In this issue:
  • I Hate Spam!
    Getting the Email You Want While Skipping What You Don't
  • Featured Links In GiftsWholesale.Com
  • Major Trade Shows

Featured Vendors
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IMA Brass: International Mercantile Agencies, Inc., also known as IMA Brass, has become one of the Country's largest sources for Unique and Eclectic Home Gift, Special Events & Wedding Accessories.

Hansen's Christmas Stuff : Everything you will need to make your Christmas season merry and bright as well as Gnomy's Diaries by Annekabouke.

Mud Pie: Mud Pie products are now featured in three catalogs: Mud Pie Baby, Mud Pie Gift, and Mud Pie Pet. It has always been our goal to offer innovative giftware that's affordably priced and adorably packaged.

Stephers Inc.: Stephers, Inc. has traditional, and sometimes not so traditional, Greetings Cards that make you "Think" about laughing.

Straight Line Collection: Straight Line Collection (SLC) is a collection of Gift & Decorative Accessories, lovingly handcrafted by talented craftsmen & individually hand painted by creative artisans.

Sunbelt Marketing Group, Inc. is proud announce the launch of our brand new website We are your one stop shop for Retro Ad Graphics and licensed icons such as John Deere, Pepsi-Cola, Chevrolet, Mustang and collegiate. Come check out our new promotions and specials exclusive to the website.

Unison Gifts, Inc.: Unison Gifts offers original designs in art glass, including hand-blown and hand sculpted glass figurines, as well as home accents in porcelain, cast resin, and metal.

I Hate Spam!
Getting the Email You Want While Skipping What You Don't

Don't we all hate spam (junk email)? It clogs our inboxes and takes valuable time to deal with it effectively. Even if you have a good spam filter, often it lets through things you don't want and hides things you do want. Spam software has become better at telling the good from the bad, but the people who do "email marketing" also have gotten better at getting around the filters.

Most people don't complain to the Post Office about the junk mail that comes to their mail box, but people get much more upset about junk email. Internet Service Providers have responded by creating filters at their level, but they can also filter out mail you want to receive.

So how do you stop spam and still get good email? Your email program probably has filters for trusted senders vs. nontrusted sources. You can use that, although most spammers hide their actual source and change it often, so the spammer you block today may come from an entirely different location and address tomorrow. You can also add a third party software suite that will block viruses and worms as well as spam. This is important to protect your data as well as your identity.

You may have been shocked to (apparently) receive spam from your own email address. This can happen because spammers will often select random email addresses from their email lists to use as the displayed "From" address. Most spam is sent out automatically by software, which can randomly assign email addresses to the "From" slot. To see where an email really came from you can right-click on it in your inbox list and look at "Options", "Properties" or "Header" -- however your email progam designates them.

Of course you should never buy anything from a spammer, if for no other reason that if spam doesn't get results, it will cease to be useful to the marketers. And more importantly, there's a reason "spam" rhymes with "scam". If an email intriques you, find another way to contact the company and check them out before doing business.

You can click the "Unsubscribe" links in a spam message, but that only helps if the company is reputable. Unscrupulous marketers will just see your response as a confirmation that the email address is a good one and will keep it in their lists.