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October 2014

"Reshoring": Bringing Manufacturing Back to the USA

Seventh Annual "Made In USA" Special Issue

As prices for Asian manufacturing and shipping rise, some vendors are "Reshoring", defined as U.S. companies returning their manufacturing to the USA. While the global economy means it is becoming more difficult to identify "Made in USA" products, with mining or growing happening from one place, raw materials refined and manufactured in another and final manufacturing and packaging in still another place, many vendors still find value in the United States' emphasis on quality and safety.

Chrissy is hand painting one of Leslie Hand Painted Glass's many types of glassware in its Portland, Oregon studio.And while patriotism may not survive the stresses of the bottom line, some large retailers are making the effort. In August, the second annual U.S. Manufacturing Summit was held in Denver, Colorado. "This retail-led initiative seeks to unite the entire supply chain behind a shared vision of growing domestic manufacturing and economic expansion," according to the National Retail Federation, co-host of the event (source). The goal is to encourage American factories to create American-made goods with American workers.

Several large retailers have committed to cultivating Made In USA products. American Apparel makes clothing in Los Angeles, employing 5,000. Ralph Lauren has a factory in North Carolina. Ethan Allen operates factilities in New Jersey, North Carolina and Vermont. Walmart, the organizer of the event, has 40 different departments working to encourage domestic manufacturing by pledging to buy $250 billion in American products over 10 years.

Creating a Smile Mug on Seeds of Happiness Potter's WheelAmong OmegaNet/CAMEO EZ© vendors are a number who make some or all of their products in the USA.

SEEDS OF HAPPINESS was born out of an act of kindness. Mark Borella, a sculptor, created small smiley faces from left-over lumps of clay. He gave these to his friends whose young son was dying of cancer. Seeds of Happiness are sculpted by hand at the "Smile Factory" in Kirkwood, MO. They are produced from all natural, organic clay sourced from Nixa, MO. It takes approximately 40 hours to produce each handcrafted seed. Between 2,000 and 5,000 seeds are shipped around the United States each week to retailers and consumers. In addition to the company's Seeds of Happiness, the product line also includes large smiles, specialty seeds, ie. sunflower seeds, graduate seeds, and a full apparel line. We are proud that SOH are handmade in the USA.

For over 17 years LESLIE HAND PAINTED GLASS has been providing customers with unique and fun stemware and ceramics. What started out as a fun way to create gifts for friends and family, eventually turned into a full time business. Each original design is proudly created and hand-painted in the company's Portland, Oregon studio.

Fiddler's Elbow's cat doorstop is shown in their video being filled with conjugated polyester fiber and weighted on the bottom with high density polypropylene pellets.FIDDLER'S ELBOW has released a video of their manufacturing process in Greenwich, New York. John Gunther, President, says this is in response to the many questions he has received about their silk-screen reproduction techniques used to create their almost life like animal soft sculptures.

"I decided the simplest way to tell the story would be to show all the steps to make one specific product. I picked our black and white tuxedo cat." Comments received so far include: " 'Really interesting', 'I had no idea how many steps there are', 'fascinating and quick moving' and 'wonderful to see this unique product is Made in the USA'. Have a look and send them your comments.

Located in the Tennessee hills above Nashville, HIGHLAND GRAPHICS features products made in USA such as the American Woodcrafters line of Everyday Wisdom Signs, which features clever messages such as "I would give up chocolate, but I'm no quitter!" and "You never see a motorcycle outside a therapist's office".

THE ARTISAN CONNECTION features three USA-made lines on their new OmegaNet / CAMEO EZ website. "Fly By South" features Gourmet Sauces such as a White BBQ Sauce and Marinade and a "South Ghost Sauce". "Home Appétit" has a variety of Balsamic vinegars and spices available individually or in gift sets. "Marilyns" is the third line, which features Colorful Gable Boxes, Decorative Jars and Fruit Cake. All three are based in Georgia.

Below is a listing of all CAMEO EZ© vendors which feature at least some products made or assembled in the USA.

  • Alphabet Pix: NY
  • Amia Blair Cedar: MO
  • AM PM Kids: TX
  • Annalee: NH
  • Applelicious: AL
  • Bay Pottery: VA
  • Betsy Drake Interiors: NC
  • Bridge Brands Chocolate: CA
  • Camille Beckman: ID
  • Castle Toy: CA
  • Channel Craft: PA
  • Clarissa Tumblers: GA
  • Coast Lamp: NC
  • Counter Art: FL
  • Country Gourmet Home: ID
  • Crown Mulling Spice: AL
  • Custom Wood Gifts: SC
  • Designs By Beverly: GA
  • Dr. D's 4 Dogs: KY
  • ER Sales: VA
  • Ergo Candle: TX
  • Fiddlers Elbow: NY
  • Gently Spoken: MN
  • Geo Central: CA
  • Gina B Designs: MN
  • Grandparent Gift Co.: GA
  • Greenbriar Pottery: GA
  • Greenhill Music: TN
  • The Greeting Place: TN
  • Imagine Design: MN
  • Headdress NY: NY
  • Heart Gifts By Teresa: NC
  • Highland Graphics: TN
  • Imagine Designs: MN
  • Jeane's Things: IL
  • JTP Wholesale: NJ
  • Kiss Me In The Garden: CA
  • Leslie Handpainted: OR
  • MugWorld: TX
  • Oatmeal Studios: VT
  • PJ Maxwell: IL
  • Pockets Plus: IA
  • Prissy Plates: NC
  • Pumpernickel Press: VA
  • PUREFactory Naturals: GA
  • Robicheaux Candy: MS
  • Sassy's: GA
  • Sassy Stuff: AR
  • Scandical: CA
  • Servant's Heart: NC
  • Shade Tree Greetings: NY
  • Signature USA: MN
  • Spin Shades: CA
  • Stephers: MD
  • Stupell Industries: RI
  • Sunbelt Gifts: GA
  • Sunday Greetings: MA
  • The Cookbook Company: TX
  • The Dish: GA
  • The Greeting Place: TN
  • The Professionals; Kidsville USA: AL
  • Three Kings Gifts: MD
  • Under Stella's Umbrella: GA
  • White Mountain Puzzles: NH
  • WOW Windows: NJ
  • ...and many more!

Quick Industry News

New Wholesale Websites

Seeds of HappinessSeeds of Happiness has a brand new CAMEO EZ© wholesale ordering site. Seeds of Happiness was born out of an act of kindness. Mark Borella, a sculptor, created small smiley faces from left-over lumps of clay. He gave these to his friends whose young son was dying of cancer. He told them: "I know there is nothing I can say or do to make you feel better so I thought I would bring you some smiles to help you get your smile back. I call them Seeds of Happiness." Sharing the Smiles continues to grow as our customers plant Seeds around the world.

The Artisan ConnectionTheArtisanConnection.Com is a new wholesale site that features three lines: Fly By South, Home Appétit, and Marilyn's. All are Made in USA. Check out their new site.

Czire by Lamar CreationsC'zire by Lamar Creations has a brand new OmegaNet/CAMEO EZ© website. C'Zire provides turnkey jewelry programs featuring industry leading quality Cubic Zirconia jewelry. The company's jewelry is produced at the same standards as fine jewelry. The jewelry is cast in jewelers bronze also known as brass, the most expensive and durable material used in costume jewelry. Every piece is hand polished to a mirror-like finish and then hand set high quality Cubic Zirconia stones. The company uses a double thick genuine rhodium or 18K gold electroplating for lasting wear. State of the art Tower displays and counter top displays are available, loaded with LED lighting causing every item to sparkle and shine. Each item comes with a lifetime replacement certificate and your back stock will arrive organized and ready to sell.

CAMEO EZ© is the B2B e-commerce system developed by OmegaNet Inc., publisher of this newsletter, for use by retailers in ordering inventory for their stores. A partial list of CAMEO EZ sites can be found at the company's portals such as,,,,, and A complete list of sites is available in the "Directory" on