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July 2023


OmegaNet Launches Exciting New Opportunities
for the Gift & Home Industry

As noted in the November issue of this newsletter, OmegaNet, publisher of Gift and Home Retailer News, is 25 years old, and is pleased to announce a brand new project to help retailers increase their bottom line. Don't miss how your store could receive a refund of your Federal employment taxes below, but first, we'd like to introduce OmegaNet CONNECTION!

Making Connections

OmegaNetCONNECTION.com Home Page

OmegaNet CONNECTION is an online community and buying group that will CONNECT wholesale vendors, service-provider partners with retailers in the Gift & Home Industry. Stores and vendors alike will be able to experience savings on services offered to our community members. These services are geared toward helping increase the members' bottom lines and help them move their businesses to the next level. Retailers of all types are welcome to become members.

A few of the benefits of membership for retailers include:

  • Savings on credit-card processing or receive $250
  • Savings on shipping expense
  • Savings on product purchases
  • Tips and Tricks on a wide variety of subjects
  • Regular webinars for ongoing learning
  • Access to reduced cost website creation and management
  • Discounted courses for social media marketing, SEO and more
  • Networking opportunities where you can connect with other retailers in a private Facebook group and at live networking events at markets.
  • ...and much more, all for a nominal monthly membership fee.

Toni Ivey, founder and CEO of OmegaNet, says "If we learned nothing else from the COVID lockdowns, we learned that if retailers aren't able to SELL products, they're not able to BUY products, thus the whole industry was affected, because retailers are the bedrock of the industry."

Out of this realization, OmegaNet CONNECTION was born.

In late 2021, OmegaNet surveyed thousands of retailers to find out the main challenges the stores were experiencing. We wanted to determine what other partners in the industry could do to assist retailers.

Survey question one

The top five pain points that surfaced in the survey were the following:

  • 35% said their primary pain point was the increased cost of products and shipping
  • 21% named online technology (websites, social media & SEO) as their primary problem.
  • 15% highlighted credit card processing fees
  • Another 15% said they needed to increase walk-in traffic.
  • and 9% said their primary concern was getting customers to purchase more once they entered the store.

OmegaNet CONNECTION members have access to services that can help with all five of those pain points and much more.


Membership is now open for all retailers and vendors in all segments of the Gift and Home industry. OmegaNet CONNECTION'S tagline is "The Whole Industry Buying Group" because all members of the industry will be helped by becoming members. Scan the QR code or click on the logo below to learn more and become a member of OmegaNet CONNECTION today.

OmegaNet Connection QR Code

What Could $40,000-to-$100,000 Do for Your Store?

The whole philosophy of OmegaNet CONNECTION is to help our industry save money and make money. The Gift & Home Industry was badly hit with COVID and then the supply chain issues, but there is a program that will greatly help all parties.

The ERC (Employee Retention Credit) is an employment tax refund program from the Federal government that will greatly help our industry. A business which kept W2 employees during 2020 and 2021 most likely qualifies. Even companies which received the PPP can now receive ERC as well.

Toni Ivey of OmegaNet says, It's real. We got 4 checks
Toni Ivey of OmegaNet says, "It's real. We got 4 checks."

"We know the ERC is real," says Toni Ivey of OmegaNet. "We got 4 checks from the IRS."

"My goal is to bring at least $5 million back to our industry," Toni Ivey continued. "The government tells us only 25% of the businesses that qualify have applied for ERC. There is a deadline of April, 2024, for the 2020 refunds, so time is of the essence."

Business who apply for the ERC can receive as much as $26,000 with an average $20,000 PER EMPLOYEE that they had in 2020 and 2021, so if you had at least two W2 employees (not independent contractors) who were not owners (or related to the owners), your store or vendor company could get back at least $40,000 of the employment taxes you paid. If you had five employees, you could get back more than $100,000.

For companies with five or more employees, OmegaNet has partnered with BottomLine Concepts, the number one expert in applying for the ERC and all you need to do to get started is answer a few questions. For companies with two, three or four employees, OmegaNet is partnered with Stimulus Geeks. Both companies are knowledgeable, experienced and will walk you three each step of the process.

There are so many spammers and scammers out there that OmegaNet networks to protect you and help you get the largest refund possible. To get started, scan the QR code at right or go to OmegaNet's partner site.

Quick Industry News


Quintessential Chocolates Home PageQuintessential Chocolates has opened its new CAMEO EZ B2B site. Quintessential Chocolates specializes in the centuries old art form of casting “Liqueur Praliné” or the European style Liquid Center Chocolates (“with a sugar crust”). The process the company uses is more than 200 years old. Quintessential is the only manufacturer of this specialty confection in America and has been creating these chocolates since 1984.


EZ Ribbon indicates a CAMEO EZ© web site.

Established in 1998, About Face Designs has become a benchmark for heartwarming giftware combining originality, creativity, high quality and exceptional value. The company's current line offering encompasses 2800 unique products appealing to a broad and varying consumer base. As About Face Designs continues to diversify into new and exciting product categories, the creative quest to be different is rooted in the vision to "expect the unexpected."
The wholesale website for Canadian customers. Established in 1998, About Face Designs has become a benchmark for heartwarming giftware combining originality, creativity, high quality and exceptional value. The company's current line offering encompasses 2800 unique products appealing to a broad and varying consumer base. As About Face Designs continues to diversify into new and exciting product categories, the creative quest to be different is rooted in the vision to "expect the unexpected."
Ala Carte Alice's mission is simple: to provide the best products and service to their customers and use the freshest ingredients that they can find. Alice Wooten takes great pride in her company, their commitment to customer service and in the products they sell. Ala Carte Alice’s products include savory sauces, red dog rubs, glazes, relishes and jams. Black and Blue Bacon, Creme Brulee and Sante Fe are just some of the yummy cheese balls Alice offers. In addition, there are mouth watering desserts, party dips and awesome entrees. You have go to try Ala Carte Alice for an excellent cullinary experience!
"Beach Walks and God Talks" is a full-color book by Karen Ellison of Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. The full-color glossy pages of this Christian devotional gift book take your customers on a beach-combing journey where they will find treasures from the sea and for their souls. Each double page spread features an inspirational story set at the beach with stunning photography and enriching sidebars. Your customers will find themselves peacefully reflecting on God's love for them as revealed through His creation. Endorsed by Jim Daly, President of Focus on the Family, they will want one for themselves and more as gifts. It is an especially meaningful Christian Christmas gift.
Christinasworld.com is the online store for beautiful hand-made glass ornaments and collectables.
Drew DeRose's lines run from tabletop to decorative figurines and include candle holders, cannisters and cookie jars. All products are colorful and original. The company has a creative staff that designs merchandise for Drew DeRose Designs.
Dutch House Caramels was founded in 1997, when the owners of Bayfields Bake Shop & Grill, in Alexandria, Minnesota developed a recipe for caramel candy and started making the product in the restaurant. Today the company features caramels in a variety of assortments and gift boxes.
EMV's products are deeply inspired by nature with an emphasis on creating beautiful lasting memories. The company's vast selection of unique products complements fine jewelry stores or gift/souvenir shop. EMV jewelry is perfect for any occasion, ranging from formal to casual events with specialization in Hawaiian Koa jewelry and also offering: license plates, shells and pearls jewelry, sterling silver/stainless steel/tungsten/wood collections, assorted natural gemstones and stone fashion jewelry.
Fancy That Gift & Decor, Inc. celebrated its 18th anniversary in August, 2019. Owners, Steve and Carmen Mendelson, have used their experience in gift and home decor to build a company that takes pride in providing quality Coastal Decor products and service with the highest levels of integrity always at the forefront.
Since 1993, the goal of First & Main has been to create imaginative, sumptuously soft plush characters with the versatility and value endorsed by our retail partners. Attention to detail in the facial expressions, special features,and textured materials has been our trademark.
Founded in 2011, Freeheart is based in Sarasota-Bradenton, Florida. Freeheart is committed to delivering the absolute best quality and innovation on the market. Freeheart thermal insulated drinkware is Made in the USA and keeps drinks cold & hot, has reduced sweating, and is dishwasher safe.
The Fudge & Snack People is proud to offer the highest quality, most delicious fudge on the market today. Licensed through the Oklahoma State Health Department, The Fudge & Snack People cook in a commercial kitchen and maintain the highest quality of products.
Gina B. Designs is an award-winning greeting card, gift and stationery products company featuring exceptional art and design. With an array of styles, variety of products and outstanding customer service, Gina B. Designs has "something for everyone."  All products are proudly made in the U.S.A.
Global Building Blocks features the D'Ora Bamboo line of garment racks with shelves. A family-owned business founded in the United Kingdom, Global Building Blocks' the prime objective is to offer a range of household products made using sustainable alternatives. The company is dedicated to ensuring your purchase meets our three core goals of which are quality assured, authentically pleasing and durability.
Holiday Fried Pecans' rise in popularity can be attributed to its first treat a salty, sweet 100% certified Louisiana fried pecan that is guaranteed to satisfy the most demanding of cravings. These great tasting pecans that have less fat & calories than raw pecans are a perfect addition to any store. Lightly sweet, Lightly salty and great on Salads, Sweet Potatoes, Ice Cream, Cheese Cake or as a snack. Holiday Fried Pecans...a curious and delicious flashed-fried Louisiana Pecan that's great for corporate gifts givers, retail locations, cooking, baking or solo-snacking!
Hot Ruby is the perfect addition to your mug on a cozy evening. Unlike typical cider, Hot Ruby's family recipe marries cranberry and citrus juices with an exquisite blend of spices. Add your favorite spirits for a special treat! Hot Ruby is certain you will find comfort in every heated or iced cup of Hot Ruby, time and time again.
Jillson & Roberts was founded with the idea of providing premium quality fashion-oriented gift wrap and accessories, along with superior service, to retailers throughout the U.S. and Canada. We have the commitment to be environmentally sensitive!
JTP Wholesale is a wholesale website offering monogrammed coasters, IcyBags, and Keeping It Positive affirming sheets and pillowcases.
Leeber Limited USA features high-end, yet affordable serveware. Product include Bowls & Dishes, Cake Plateaus, Chargers & Plates, Serving Trays & Platters, Table & Server Accessories, Coffee & Tea Accessories, Wine & Bar Accessories. In addition, there are Children & Baby Gifts, Clocks, Frames & Albums, Jewelry Boxes & Organizers, Trophies & Awards and Wedding Accessories.
At Magnolia Lane, our desire is to produce gifts that become part of celebrations, memories, and family treasures. Our licensed tailgating products, Christmas line, The South collection, and outdoor decor will enhance and compliment every occasion! We are proud of what we do and are ever grateful and dedicated to our customers.
The website features the art of Damon Delaney from the Big Island of Hawaii. Damon says, "Aloha, growing up all I ever wanted to do was be an artist. Discovering faux and hand-painted finishes has allowed me to bring these techniques to my artwork. Through years of experience in blending colors I’ve come to understand the power that color has on our lives. It has propelled me to a place of creativity that has encompassed my life." Damon works with many different mediums: from artist oils, acrylic, encaustic melted crayon, and most recently, alcohol ink has brought my art to another level offering intense and vibrant colors to his canvases.
Nebibo says, "Our mission is to get kids off their electronic devices and out exploring the world. We'd love for you to come on that journey with us. We started this journey when we realized there was no recognizable and reliable snorkeling brand that parents could feel assured their kids would be safe using. We are that brand!" The product is full-face snorkel mask with a 180-degree view and water-tight seal in the patented shark design. The "fin" is designed to seal in the event the snorkel goes under water. Made of non-toxic materials.
ORL toothpaste and mouthwash are designed to naturally eliminate the bacteria that causes bad breath and gum disease by penetrating below the gum line for a deeper clean. Organic xylitol, essential oils, organic vitamins, minerals, and a perfect 7.0 pH work in harmony to help clean, protect and restore your mouth's ecosystem, strengthen your teeth enamel and freshen your breath.
The Pocket Plus is portable pockets that attach with magnets for a convenient way to carry things on the go.
Pure Factory Naturals collections, including Flip Flop Foot Repair,Splash. The collection includes lip balm, foot repair, body lotion, hand cream, solid lotion bar, salt glow, skin repair.
Pure Mana Hawaii Founders Sue Mandini and Kollette Stith bring the wisdom of living close to the land and in harmony with nature's rhythms to the marketplace in their luxury skincare line. Built from the ground up, the brand features wild harvested ingredients and a synergy of raw, wild macadamia nut oil and green coffee bean oil, grown on their family's certified organic farm, Mahina Mele in Hawaii.
Quintessential Chocolates specializes in the centuries old art form of casting “Liqueur Praliné” or the European style Liquid Center Chocolates (“with a sugar crust”). The process the company uses is more than 200 years old. Quintessential is the only manufacturer of this specialty confection in America and has been creating these chocolates since 1984.
Red Carpet Studios, Ltd. features All Jazzed Up Fashion Accessories for Fall & Spring. A wide range of Giftware for the Home & Garden. Visit our website for New Products & Specials.
Joe and Sue Brielmann have taken their combined experience of over 28 years in personalized products and design to create one of the fastest growing cart businesses in the country. Their creative ability, attention to detail, and the highest standards for quality and customer support, are among the reasons Rudolph and Me has experienced such huge growth.
Sanis Enterprises offers a large selection of elegant and stylish, quality desk clocks, the latest styles in fashion watches, executive gifts, credit card cases and multi tools, just to name a few. Gifts that celebrate life’s special moments.
Singular Premium Products features Singular hand towels that are crafted to bring the strength and softness of linen to an eco-friendly paper product. Time to throw in the towel? Don't sweat it – Singular smooth linen is 100% recyclable and compostable!
Snazzy and Company's sea-glass jewelry uses mostly recycled glass and the metals the company selects are environmentally friendly. Founder Anna Shaw researches and designs every charm herself and continues to use local help to assemble and create her jewelry. "Because Life is not Black and White."
Staywell Copper features "the Original Germstoppers," using "the ancient power of copper to naturally keep you healthy." Products include cellphone patches, purse or backpack charms, dogtags, a necklace and more.
Your Place for 1,000’s of Unique Licensed Posters, Art, Stickers & Collector Pins. An industry leader for over 30 years with the best collection of Music, Movies, Nostalgia, Comics, Art, Anime, Blacklight, Landscapes, etc… Products are available for Resale in Stores, Online, Colleges, Conventions & Anywhere you exhibit!
Sunset Vista Designs offers you extra margin opportunities, and sells thru at retail. They offer innovative designs, in proven products, with space saving merchandising solutions, and attractive package deals that all add value to the quality products we offer. Many say this is the "best ever" line of innovative gift, garden, and home decor.
Lines include Tizo and Siena frames in a variety of styles and colors plus elegant candleholders from tea lights to pillar candles. The site also features boxes and trays in a variety of materials.
United Global Products represents products made in the U.K., including Wade Ceramics, Parks London and Magma London, reflecting a variety of designs and cultures, from traditional British pottery to East and North Africa basalt stone products.
Inspirational stationery and home decor, featuring the work of owner-artist Michelle DeFillipo. Michelle uses her love of inspirational words, vintage paper, architecture and color to inspire and uplift. Her artwork expresses a range of sentiments from the sincere appreciation of a true friend to self motivation for each day.
White Elephant has been in the wholesale business for more than 25 years, with a promise of best quality products and prices for their customers. The company's home decor is exclusive, designed and handmade by their own carvers with love and care. White Elephant offers a wide variety of products and there is something for everyone.
Wild Hare Designs features an assortment of whimsical, humorous sayings available on kitchen, bar & tea towels, as well aprons.